All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fatima Valentine is your one stop creative studio.

No need to hire several individual specialists to deliver a creative package for you.  With outstanding skills and a willingness to dedicate all her energy towards your goals, Fatima Valentine is available at a competitive cost.  Dynamic, reliable and able to humbly listen to your every word in order to create a final product that could potentially enhance your business and personal relationships.

A Los Angeles based visual artist specializing in digital video and photography whose services include producing, directing, writing, editing and marketing. Fatima is also available for graphic design, business strategies and consulting.

At age 13, Fatima directed, shot and edited (in-camera) her first film short and just a few months later she wrote and directed her first play and second short film. She applied for two separate art high schools which had special programs for film and theater but was rejected from both. Not taking no for an answer, in high school she made 6 short films and acted, stage managed and directed a combined total of 20 theater performances. She also took up photography as a hobby. For college she applied and was again rejected this time from three film schools and ended up at UC Santa Cruz. As we know Fatima never takes no for an answer and she surrounded herself with art students, lived in the arts college and took on her own projects in between classes. Self taught in Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, web design, marketing, business strategies, cinematography, film theory, and marketing, Fatima is quite a force.



Fatima Valentine will teach you how to make you dreams a reality when no one around you believes you have a shot. She will listen to your goals and will strategize to create your vision a tangible reality.


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